my philosophy

there's purpose in each image. Portraits start conversations, product photos create desire.

I draw my inspiration & creativity from old-school films and nature.

photos will live forever in families album around the world made me so happy and proud. My path was clear, from that moment I start working with couples from all over the world, travelling around all Europe to photograph their wedding and make one of the most important day of their lives eternal. In 2020 the most famous and important photography brand decided to make me an ambassador of their brand, such an honour. Since then I am a certified by Leica photographer.

My passion for photography developed in 2007 when I moved to the one and only London in UK. I start working for fashion agencies and faster than I would have ever thought I had my photos published in magazines as Vogue and Elle. In 2011 a very good friend of mine got engaged and after few months got married in Florence. He kindly asked me to be the photographer of his wedding and since then everything started. I immediately realised how much I loved immortalise the love between the couple and knowing that my

Explore My style

With over 15 years of experience, numerous workshops and features in top wedding publications, I capture beauty and moments in the most subtle, intimate & beautiful way. Let's find out how your wedding photography will look like.


bride & groom preparation


Preparation, this is where everything begins.
Bride and groom are getting ready for the most important and emotive part of the wedding...the ceremony.


wedding ceremony


It could be in a beautiful church or in one of the amazing gardens surrounding a castle or a Villa, but one thing is for sure. This is the part that every guest is waiting for tears and laugh..and don't forget the confetti time!!!


couple photoshoot


This is where the photographer is having the real fun! Possibly with the most beautiful light of a golden sunset or a corner in a villa hall.
This where love shines and get ready, because this is where your new profile picture will be taken!!!


wedding reception


The funniest part for sure. Not only where all guests will enjoy the amazing food and wine, but are warming up for bouquet and dancing!!!

How we work

Share some details about your project, vision and photography needs. Feel free to tell me everything you already know about your wedding day and everything you desire from your photographer and videographer.


Call or Meetup

We'll meet online or offline for a cup of coffee and discuss all the details and expectations from both sides.


Sign contract

Once we sign the contract the fun and creative process begins. Now you can be sure the day is booked for you and a team of professional photographers and videographers will be ready to make your wedding day eternal.



Do you know a good videomaker for filming our wedding?


Yes sure, I have a team of two amazing videographers and one video editor to make your wedding an unforgettable day. We provide drone videography and trailer for social media sharing too.

How many hours do you and your team will be with us?


We provide our service for ten hours but don't worry about timing, you will have the option to purchase a list of extra services for tailor your wedding day exactly as you desire and one of them is the extra hours. We will discuss this matter on our call or email conversation.

Is there a limited number of photos you will give to us?


Nope, this is where I differ (in a positive way) from many of my colleagues. I will provide you with a wetransfer link to download all the photos I have previously selected for you with no limits on it, they could be 600 or even 1000, thats depend on number of photographers (myself only or with my second photographer) and on the type of wedding. There will be no extra cost for more photos, you pay for the day, not for the number of photos.